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Pinfriy® Teeth Whitening Kit

Pinfriy® Teeth Whitening Kit

🙌 The Most Multifunctional Home-use Teeth Whitening Kit

⭐ Pefect Combination of Red&Blue Light Therapy for Teeth Whitening&Mouth Ulcer Recovery

🩸Dual Wavelength UV Light for Ultra-hygiene for Teeth Whitening Kit and more

💪 Mint Flavor Teeth Whitening Gel of Natural Ingredience

🌟 Universal Connecting Ports Compatible with All Kinds of Power Supply

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UV Disinfection box

Single disinfect time

5 Minutes


Wavelength: 270nm-280nm


Wavelength: 395nm-405nm

Light beam

UVC: 4 pcs    UVA: 4 pcs



UVC: 5mW/cm~11mW/cm UVA: 40mW/cm~60mW/cm

Charge time

5 Hours

Charge voltage


Charge current

TYPE-C IN: 800mA

Output power


Output voltage


Output current


Continuous working hours

4 Hours

Battery capacity



Teeth care Kit

Single operating time

Blue Light:10 mins,Red Light:5 mins

Blue Light

Wavelength: 460nm-465nm

Red Light

Wavelength: 620nm-625nm

Light beam

Blue light :16 pcs Red light: 16 pcs


Red light: 96mW Bule light: 144mW


Food-grade silicone


  • 【Powerful Teeth Whitening Light X 32】Experience accelerated teeth whitening with our advanced dental-grade formula,enhanced by 16 blue light and 16 red light LED technology for professional-grade results. achieve a radiant smile and promote dental health with our tooth whitening LED light. Simple, effective, and convenient for at-home use;
  • 【Combined blue&Red Light Therapy for Oral Health】Discover the ultimate teeth whitening machine and professional teeth whitening light, This revolutionary LED light kit features a blue and red light function, providing professional-grade whitening acceleration and pain relief for conditions of canker sores and mouth ulcers. combining 2 kinds of advanced LED light therapy for a dazzling smile;
  • 【Safe&Powerful Teeth Whitening Pen】Up to 8 shades of tooth whitening in just as short as 7 days with safe,powerful and tested formula of teeth whitening gel,professional level natural ingredients with fresh mint flavor,durable twist mechanism with a soft brush tip;
  • 【Upgrade Your Hygiene with Our Upgraded Disinfection Box】 Safely clean your mouth tray and daily-use items like ear studs, nose studs, and more. Stay germ-free and worry-free with this all-in-one solution;
  • 【We Stand by Our Products】Customer satisfaction has been and alway will be our top priority,we offer 3-year warranty since purchase date but we provide life -long support on all our products,so please don't hesitate to reach out to us even if when you passed return window of Amazon for anything we can help with;


  • Lifetime Warranty
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Fithope® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit with Dual Light Therapy and UV Disinfection

Introducing Fithope®, a groundbreaking teeth whitening kit designed to transform your smile with sophistication. This state-of-the-art kit harnesses the combined power of dual-wavelength light therapy, featuring the brilliance of 465nm blue light and the comforting warmth of 625nm red light. Fithope® stands out by not just brightening your smile but by redefining the teeth whitening experience altogether.

Blue Light Accelerates Teeth Whitening

The 465nm blue light in Fithope® is the key to expediting the teeth whitening process. By activating the photo initiators in the whitening gel, blue light accelerates the breakdown of stains and discoloration, ensuring swift and comprehensive results. Revel in the radiance of a brighter smile as Fithope® utilizes the science of blue light for a truly dazzling effect.

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Red Light Soothes Gum Inflammation

Fithope® goes beyond aesthetics to care for your overall oral health. The inclusion of 625nm red light isn't just about beauty; it brings therapeutic benefits. Recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties, red light therapy in Fithope® becomes a potent ally against gum issues like canker sores and mouth ulcers. By promoting circulation and reducing inflammation, Fithope® contributes not only to the beauty of your smile but also to the well-being of your gums. Elevate your oral care routine with Fithope® – where advanced technology meets dental wellness.

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UV-A&UV-C Disinfection Box

Our advanced teeth whitening kit not only features dual blue light therapy for a dazzling smile but also introduces an intelligent UV-C Disinfection Box. This box, equipped with four UV-C lamps at 280nm and four UVA lamps at 405nm, provides a comprehensive and meticulous sterilization experience. Safeguarding not just your brilliant smile but your overall well-being, Fithope® ensures every use is a journey into purity and radiance. Welcome to a new era of oral care, where Fithope® sets the standard for both beauty and hygiene.

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Fithope® Mint-Infused Whitening Pens

Unleash the power of nature with Fithope® Mint-Infused Whitening Pens. Three 3ml pens, each containing 100% natural ingredients and boasting a refreshing mint flavor, make teeth whitening a breeze. With a potent 35% carbamide peroxide formula, Fithope® ensures your journey to a brighter smile is not only effective but also a delight for your senses. Elevate your whitening experience with Fithope®—where nature meets innovation for a radiant smile.

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Pinfriy® Teeth Whitening Kit
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Does blue and red light work on teeth?

Dentists are using red light to reduce teeth sensitivity, heal inflammation, increase blood circulation, and stimulate the growth of gum tissue and bone. It took years of research and development to discover the ideal convergence of blue and red light wavelengths.

Does blue light therapy work for teeth whitening?

Blue light itself cannot whiten the teeth. Instead, blue light is used to activate a chemical reaction. You'll apply a specialized whitening gel to the patient's teeth containing either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. The blue light activates the compounds in the gel and helps break it apart faster.

What is the red light for on teeth whitening kit?

Our latest innovative LED teeth whitening lamp also uses red light technology tokill bacteria in the mouth, strengthen gums, and reduce sensitivity.

Is red light therapy safe for teeth?

Blue and Red light treatment helps to reduce teeth sensitivity. Light therapy improve gum health. Studies has shown that exposure to blue light kills bacteria within 15 to 60 seconds and thus promote healing of the gum. Light therapy stimulates blood circulation and reduces inflammation.

How long should I whiten my teeth with blue light at home?

The whitening treatment usually lasts for about10 to 30 minutes, and the time limit specified on the LED teeth whitening kit must not be exceeded.

Do I need LED light for teeth whitening?

The key to getting the best results during your teeth whitening experience is to ensure that each of your teeth maintain a consistent and even coverage for a period of time. No home LED light will speed up this process.

Does LED teeth whitening last?

For both LED and traditional whitening methods,results may last for only one month if you expose your teeth to food and drinks that cause tooth staining. However, you can make the results last longer if you choose your snacks and drinks carefully.

What are the pros and cons of LED teeth whitening?

This method is affordable, free of UV radiation, and less painful than an In-Office whitening procedure. One of the downsides to this whitening method is that it whitens teeth gradually compared to in-office whitening.