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pinfriy® Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device for Onychomycosis

pinfriy® Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device for Onychomycosis

🙌 The Most Affordable Home-use Laser Therapy Device

⭐ Perfect Combination of 905nm Pulsating Laser & 470nm Blue Light X 3PCS

🩸 Easy Operation Even for Elderly with Control of Start Button

💪 LED Reading for Time&Charging State with Type-C Charging Outlet

🌟 Good for Toenail&Fingernail

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Laser Medium  GaAlAs Semiconductor
Lase Wavalength 905nm/650nm/405nm
Blue light wavalength 470nm
Laser Intensity 25W
Max Pulse Intensity 22W
Time Setting 7-min 
Battery Capacity 1100mAh
Package Dimensions 7.9 x 6.3 x 2 inches


  • Quick Results: Visible improvement within weeks with just 7 minutes of daily use.

  • Effective & Convenient: No side effects, easy physiotherapy at home, eliminating the need for embarrassing visits.

  • User-Friendly Design: Compact, lightweight, and portable with a Type-C charging port for on-the-go treatment.

  • Perfect Gift: Ideal for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day.

  • Innovative Light Therapy: Combines 470nm & 905nm wavelengths for effective treatment without complex procedures.


      Users are supposed to use the device for 7 mins each time,two times a day with interval of a least 4 hours for consecutive 3 months to achieve best curative effect.

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      Pinfriy Nail Fungus Laser Therapy Device

      Laser therapy for nail fungus, or onychomycosis, uses focused light beams with specific wavelengths to penetrate nails and target fungal infections. The laser energy, absorbed by fungal pigments, generates heat to destroy or inhibit fungal growth without harming surrounding tissues. The objective is to eliminate the infection, enhance nail appearance, and stimulate healthy regrowth.

      Pinfriy Laser VS Tropical Nail Cream/Lacque

      Minimal Side Effects:

      Laser therapy has minimal side effects, avoiding the skin irritation associated with some topical treatments.


      Despite higher initial costs, laser therapy may be more cost-effective due to its potentially shorter treatment duration compared to ongoing use of topical products.

      Higher Success Rate:

      Laser therapy shows promise in achieving a higher success rate in treating nail fungus, especially in cases where topical treatments fall short.

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      Pinfriy Laser VS Oral Medication

      No nail pulling,Warm Repair
      Anti-bacterial and anti-grav,
      nauil care

      Dispelling wind and phlegm,
      removing dampness and toxins,
      killing insects
      Gently brush on nails

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      Pinfriy Laser VS Clinical Laser

      Cost-Effective One-Time Investment:

      Home laser therapy involves a one-time purchase, while clinical laser therapy requires frequent, expensive visits, making home treatment more cost-effective.

      Convenience and Privacy:

      Home laser therapy provides convenience and privacy, allowing for self-administration without the need for repeated clinic appointments.

      User-Friendly Application:

      Home devices are designed for easy use, enabling individuals to follow simple instructions for effective treatment in the comfort of their homes.

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      7.9 x 6.3 x 2 inches
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      Can you laser fungal nail infection?

      Laser treatment of fungal nail infection is quick, painless and just as successful as topical or tablet treatment without any side-effects. It even works for some types of fungus that are resistant to tablet treatment. One treatment every week for four weeks is required.

      What laser light is best for curing toenail fungus?

      The combination of905nm super pulsed laser and 470nm blue lightis used to eliminate fungus in nail beds and improve the health of the nail. It's something to keep using since it can take anywhere from 3 months to a year for the damaged toenail to grow out and be replaced by a healthy, fungus-free nail.

      How long does it take for toenail fungus to go away with laser?

      The treatment is typically 5-15 minutes, spaced 30 days apart for 3 months. As the nail grows slowly, it can take approximately6-12 monthsfor the new nail to replace the old infected nail.

      Do over the counter nail fungus lasers work?

      IT WORKS.Studies show about 85% efficacy for the older lasers and up to 93% cure rate for the new lasers. Multiple clinical trials have proven the safety and cure rate of Lunula laser treatment for toenail fungus.

      Do at home lasers work for nail fungus?

      Do Home Lasers Provide Effective Toenail Fungus Treatment? They are not as powerful as those used by podiatrists, butcan be somewhat effective. These devices emit a low-level laser penetrating the nail plate, killing the fungus.

      Why doesn't 905nm light up ?

      Is 905 nm visible?Light from 400–700 nanometers (nm) is called visible light, or the visible spectrum because humans can see it. Light outside of this range may be visible to other organisms but cannot be perceived by the human eye.

      How does laser eliminate nail fungus ?

      Laser treatment works by heating up the nail layers specific to the fungus and attempting to destroy the genetic material responsible for fungus growth and survival.

      What are the side effects of laser nail fungus treatment?

      The side effects of laser nail fungus treatment are generally minimal and may include temporary discomfort or heat sensation during the procedure, minor skin irritation, and transient changes in nail color or texture. It's important to undergo the treatment under the guidance of a healthcare professional, as individual responses can vary. While the procedure is considered safe, the long-term effectiveness is still being researched, and outcomes may vary.

      How long does it take to get rid of nail fungus with laser?

      A clinical study conducted in 2016 found that patients treated with these technologies showed clear nailsthree and six monthsafter treatment. Additional studies showed a high success rate and a 91% improvement in symptoms after six months.